Monday, February 18, 2013

Tips and Tricks to Re-Decorating on a Budget!

Are you feeling the re-decorating itch? Dying to add some new touches to your old décor? Well, Hudson’s Furniture is here to help! Here are some simple tips to help re-design your house without breaking the bank:

1.     Painting is the easiest way to give your room a new look, and it’s one of the cheapest too. Painting even one accent wall adds new color and dimension. If you’re feeling brave try painting the whole room!

   2.     Do the shuffle! Try recycling items from one room to the next. Change the wall art around, or maybe move your accent chairs around. Try moving one or two things at first, and if you find yourself still not satisfied shuffle some more!

3.     Try a DIY project. Doing little crafts yourself can help you add decorations to your home, all of which are made by you! Whether you've found an interesting way to hang pictures or you’re adding a design to an old lamp, DIY projects are a great way to infuse your personality into any room. 

For more tips visit our Pinterest DIY board or go take our Design Quiz!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2 Furniture Rules for Keeping Your Couch Clean

Your furniture is an investment, and spending a little time taking good care of it can go a long way! The couch is usually the most frequented spot in the house, and sometimes spills and stains happen. By taking action immediately, you can keep your couch clean and fresh. Follow these two simple rules to keep your couch looking as new as the day you got it!

1. Vacuum your couch once every two weeks
  • Using the attachment pieces of your vacuum on your couch allows you to get any dust or small particles out of cracks and crevices. Occasional gentle vacuuming keeps upholstered couches looking new and helps to prevent discoloration and set in stains. 
  • Don't just vacuum the tops, make sure you pull off the cushions and get between the sides and back of the couch!

2. Remove stains as soon as they happen
When spills happen it is best to clean them immediately to keep them from setting in.
  •  For upholstered couches, a mix of equal parts vinegar and water will suffice for couch cleaner in a pinch. Simply soak a paper towel in the mix and gently blot the stained area (do this only after you have removed any solids.) After blotting with the mix, blot with cold water to remove any extra vinegar! Allow to dry completely before sitting on that area of the couch.
  • For leather couches is it best to use commercial leather cleaner rather than run the risk of damaging the leather. Contact your couch manufacturer to get the best directions on how to clean your leather couch.

For other tips and tricks around the house visit our Pinterest tips page: 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Make Your Home Your Own Tropical Paradise with Tommy Bahama

Escape to paradise from the comfort of your own home with these great design ideas from the Tommy Bahama Collection.

The woven wicker detailing of this collection is sure to give a tropical feel and help carry you away to that tropical island of your dreams. Touches of the tropics can be found in every Tommy Bahama piece and the Royal Kahala Bay Club Sofa is one that lends an elegant feel to any room. 

With hues of blue in fun and functional patterns, the Bay Club Sofa matches almost any of your nautical and beach decorations while keeping your home classic. Adding other Tommy Bahama pieces like the Sunset Cay Cocktail Table can lend to that vacation getaway feel!

For extra seating consider adding two chairs like the Koko Raffia which features matching cushions to the Bay Club Sofa. 

For extra decorations, Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration just search tropical decorations!

Remember to keep your decorations fun and add personal touches, family beach photos and personal shell collections are a great way to achieve your own tropical paradise! Check out more pieces from the Tommy Bahama brand at

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adding Personal Touches: Coffee Table Decorating Decoded

Your coffee table is often the center of your living room, and its decorations can often give your room new life. Toss the old stack of magazines, add some new elements and try these simple steps to give your coffee table new life and showcase your personality.

First give your coffee table dimension by adding something tall. Use a tall vase or candle to give add height and draw attention to the table.

Next, choose something unique that represents you to add to your table. If you have a collection of things, choose your favorite item. This item gives the room a splash of your individual taste. An intricately carved porcelain elephant or even a dish of seashells you've collected on beach trips can spruce up your coffee table.

Always have a fresh element laid out. An orchid or small potted plant can add life to your room. Fresh cut flowers are a great way to add color to your coffee table and they give you a chance to switch it up; from daisies to irises you can choose new colors and shapes week to week.

Lastly and most commonly used, coffee table books are essential. Stack books that represent your hobbies and interests. Try books with lots of photos and facts, you can find coffee table books at your local bookstore.

Follow these steps and remember to add your own personal touches and you will have a fancy and fun coffee table in no time!

For more helpful tips, visit:

Monday, January 7, 2013

Five Ways to Decorate Your Bookcase

If you have a bookcase or multiple bookshelves that are filled with books, and they aren't your favorite focal point in the room, fear not! There are ways to revive your book shelves to make them into organized works of art that showcase your interests, photos and prized possessions. Follow these simple steps to organize and beautify your bookcases.

  1.  First, remove all books, and sort them by size and subject. Take off any ripped dust jackets and dust all books, this helps to simplify and keep your shelves looking clean. Replace the books by lining some up horizontally and leaving breaks.
  2.  Find decorative boxes and place any awkward books or manuals inside. Keeping them out of sight helps give shelves an organized, clean and artful look.
  3. Add photo frames, and small decorations to your shelves. Think family heirlooms, and fun collectibles. Consider rotating each item slightly to give it interesting placement.
  4.  If you’re truly daring- try painting the inside of the bookcase a fun color. Choose one with a contrast or pick up a color from one of your other pieces. This gives your belongings a background to stand out against.
  5.  If you’re not up for crafty tie-ins, opt for fun bookends! Bookends can be found at any decorating store and are often made in the shapes of animals and other objects. Go for whatever suits your style. Whether you like loud bookends like pink elephants or elegant peacocks, you should be able to find something to give your room a new focal point.

Give our decorating tips a try or find inspiration at one of our showrooms; sometimes a bookshelf needs an update and occasionally it just needs replacing.  Either way, Hudson’s can help you make your bookcase an attractive showcase for your favorite objects! 
Check out our selection of bookcases at Hudson's Furniture.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Decorations for Your Home

The holidays are here, the menorah candles twinkle, the tree stands brilliantly in the corner and the house smells of sugarplums,vanilla, and balsam...

Not your house? Not yet!

Here are some quick ideas to help give your house the holiday help it needs:

If you have a chandelier, or hanging light fixture in any room
string bulbs at different lengths to add color and cheer.

If you have children, or even if you just enjoy crafting and creating, cut snowflakes from paper and string them in windowsills. Add as many as you like, you can create a blizzard or a gentle snowfall!

For extra fun, cut out colored snowflakes and add them as accents.

Hang your own handmade dreidel garland or just make driedels for center pieces and random decorations throughout your home.
Here's how!

To find accessories to match your Holiday decor go to

Monday, November 26, 2012

Updating your bedroom, decoration tips for a new feel

Your bedroom should be your place to relax, wind down and prepare for a healthy nights rest. When we find ourselves restless, many of us end up feeling the need to update our bedrooms just for fun! When you find yourself itching for a change of space it’s easy to make small changes in your bedroom to give it a more comforting atmosphere. Try any of the 4 ideas below to help you achieve a comfy space. 

1. Try moving your furniture:
A small change in furniture positioning can give your room a new feel! Try to keep the room flowing, position your bed on the furthest wall from the entrance way. Also try to be aware of windows; try not to block them so you can utilize natural light in daytime hours!

2. Lighting can make a big difference:
Nighttime lighting should be soft and subdued. Keep light fixtures near the bed to make your space appear larger and more open. Try different lamps; a simple change of a lampshade can give a bedside lamp a whole new appearance. If you can, match shades to throw pillows and blankets, this ties in the style of the room.

3. Get creative with wall décor:
Change out family photos for different ones, play up seasons; Hang photos according to season. Other ideas include using older photos, like parents baby pictures, or grandmothers wedding shots to give a more family feel. Rearrange photos on one wall, clustering and grouping are popular! Don’t be afraid to mix and match frames and colors to give a modern feel.

4. Update your bedding:
When all else fails, consider a new mattress. The difference in a good nights sleep and a great nights sleep is what you’re sleeping on. Whether it’s a pillow top or memory foam, a new mattress can give you that level of comfort you’re seeking.  Head to Hudson’s to find the best mattress fit for you and maximize your sleep comfort.