Monday, June 11, 2012

Painting Ideas: Simple ways to add your personal touch on your home

There are many different ways to customize your home to make it adhere to your style. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to do this is by painting! A quick and easy paint job can turn the style of your home from drab to fab in no time.

1.  Add texture to your wall. Transforming your plain walls with a sophisticated finish is a simple way to style to your room. Painting over crinkled tissue paper is a simple way to do this. Add a layer of paint on the wall, apply the crinkled tissue paper, and then finish it off with another layer of paint. 

Texture Basics

2. To create a classic, elegant background, paint parchment stripes on your wall. First mark the stripes on your wall with a water color pencil. Then, simply put a small piece of tape on the stripes to keep it all straight. Last, mix your paint with one part water, and one part glaze in separate containers to get two separate colors. Now you’re ready to paint your stripes!

3. Transform a plain accent wall with a distressed paint job. Using simple household items, this is an easy way to create an antique finish on your walls. Paint your walls with a toilet brush to create rough streaks to give your walls a distressed look.

Faux painting gives this wall depth and character.

4. Spice up your furniture with an antique look. By adding your favorite stencil to your furniture pieces, you can easily get an antique feel to your room.  First cover your furniture with an oil-based primer. Once it dries, paint your favorite stencil on with a satin finished paint and blot with a towel.

Once your new style is adapted by your painting technique, complete the remodel with furniture to match. Check out all of our different styles of furniture at

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